Contrary to general belief, over washing hair actually causes more harm than good and could lead to hair loss, said an expert.

“Twice per week is the optimum with shampoo. SLS (sodium laurel/laureth sulphate free) is kinder to your hair. We stock this in our clinic at Leeds. if you feel it is necessary to wash again, then wash only with luke warm water,” advised Sean Baruch, Head Consultant of the Hair Replacement Clinic, Leeds, UK. According to him, over-showering also causes hair to become greasy.

“there is a thin film of oil in our scalp that are washed away when we shower. The sebaceous glands produce oil (sebum) to replace that. So the more you shower, the glands pump more oli to protect the hair, overproducing sebum oil. It’s a vicious cycle,” he explained.

Sean Baruch said that there are three major problems in the United Kingdom , hair fall, oily hair and dandruff.

Dandruff is the most common problem, however, hair fall causes more concern, he pointed out.

“Hair fall is a global problem and the most annoying one, with more people seeking treatment, ” he said, noting the effect of hair loss in one’s confidence.

He cited the factors that causes. These include genetic, hair treatments such as dyes and perms, gels, spray, aggressive shampoos, lifestyle, medication, contaceptive pills, lifestyle, lack of nutrition and gender.

“Men tend to lose more hair than women. Baldness is more prevalent in men.”

Other factors that also play a major role include anxiety, stress, drugs, hormones and extreme weather conditions such as humidity and heat. “In general, enviroment does not cause hair loss, this just augments the problem,” he told The Yorkshire Evening post.

For hair loss to occur, there should be a predisposition to lose hair, otherfactors just increase the problem, he explained.

According to Sean Baruch, hair takes up to a few months to reach maturity and usually lives up to three to six years. In hair fall, hair will reach maturity and die within six to eight months.