I’ve been a client at the BHLC now for over a year, and was welcomed with open arms and treat like part of the family from my very first apointment. These days I’m part of the family and the furniture as I struggle to keep myself away, usually finding any excuse for a quick trim inbetween refusions and fittings- or just popping in for a coffee and a chat. The staff, services and genuine care given are all huge perks of being with the BHLC… not to mention the trusting relationships I’ve built with my stylist Rach, Sean and Collette. I honestly look forward to every appointment and I’m truly thankful for every crisis you guys have gotten me out of, every effort you’ve put in to keep a smile on my face and all the times you’ve kept that dreaded Snapback off of my head! To some it’s just hair, but to others it’s everything… and nobody know’s it like you!