Some would think that caring about balding or losing your hair is more about the social construct around the idea of beauty. Of course, we all remember fairy tales with prince and princesses having luscious and shiny hair. The description of beauty has been ingrained in our minds since childhood.

Hence, it makes it obvious why people dread losing the crown of their beauty. We might hate our hair or love it, but we might never want to lose it. Observing locks and multiple strands of hair on your pillow, comb, drain, etc. can send people in panic.

Now, the question is – should you really panic over your hair loss? Some might even go ahead and shave their hair off if such a thing occurs. Also, some might not even consider the aesthetics of the hair hence, they do not care about losing them at all.

However, hair fall is more internal than an external problem. Yes, changes in the environment and different hair treatments can affect the health of your hair and that is not all of it. Nevertheless, we shall examine what causes thinning hair, alopecia, hair loss in patches, and subsequently, baldness.

We will also explore a variety of hair loss cure, hair restoration, and alopecia cure. If you can detect the early signs, you will be able to save the situation a lot better.

It Is More Common in Males Than in Females

Whilst both men and women may suffer from hair loss- it is essential to know that the percentage of male baldness overrides women. 70% of men experience permanent hair loss in their lifetime, whilst 40% of women experience permanent hair loss in their lifetime.

This condition in males is called Androgenic alopecia. The reason why male pattern baldness is common is that they produce testosterone throughout their life. Testosterone gives a by-product called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This condition feeds off from DHT and shrinks hair follicles.

Since females do not create so much testosterone, the chances of them having this condition get cut down. However, there are other factors such as menopause, stress, and genetics that can cause hair to fall in such amount.

Not Every Male Will Go Through Male Pattern Baldness

Also, just because every male will inevitably produce testosterone doesn’t mean they all will go bald. Those men who have more DHT receptors will experience this kind of hair fall. This has to do more with genetics than other factors. You might be able to control it and go for hair loss treatment for men.

Symptoms of Baldness

  • Hair starts to recede from your hairline

This makes hair loss look more noticeable. Sometimes we start losing hair out of stress. However, when it is about serious hair loss issues; it will begin showing from your hairline. The top of your hair will begin to lose more hair. For women, they will likely retain their hairline, but the hair loss will be more evident from their hair parting.


  • Patchy bald spots

Are you experiencing hair loss on your eyebrows as well as your beard along with this symptom? This means that your scalp, as well as your skin, is getting affected. Sometimes patchy bald spots come with itchiness and dryness, which you can observe all over your body.


  • Your hair is thinning

Sometimes you may not lose your hair in volumes, but you would observe that your hair is thinning. Both situations are equally worse. Thinning of hair will reveal your scalp and that doesn’t look too luscious. Hair thinning can be due to your environment, stress, or hormonal imbalance.


  • Change in texture of hair as well as colour

Along with the hair loss, if you are observing a change in colour and texture of your hair; then, there is a problem. It can also be an adverse reaction to hair styling products or treatment. You should consult a doctor or hair specialist if you experience heavy hair loss after such an incident.

Factors That Trigger Hair Loss


  • If you are experiencing hair loss after going through a stressful situation or an emotional shock, then it is temporary. As you start to feel and eat better, your hair will regain its pride.
  • If you have a family history of alopecia, thinning hair, and baldness, then it is likely to be genetic.
  • If you have gone through hair treatment, which uses harsh chemicals, you might experience hair fall. The hair shaft, as well as the scalp, could be irritated by such hair treatment.
  • Also, tight hairstyles can also stress your hair shaft. Make sure you are also using mild shampoos to avoid irritating the scalp.
  • Poor lifestyle choices also lead to hair loss. Insufficient amount of rest, skipping your nutrients and vitamins also leads to early hair loss as well.
  • Chemotherapy also causes hair loss in heavy volume.

The Thing You Can Do Now to Prevent Further Damage

When hair loss is temporary and is caused by temporary effects such as stress, environment or product, you can control it. However, when it is genetic and has to do more with the internal wiring, you should consult a hair specialist. A hair and skin clinic that is revered for its hair loss treatment for men and women, as well as hair restoration, would prove beneficial for you.

The results will start to show after a few weeks but with consistent therapy and medication, you will be able to control the downfall. Make sure you find the best hair restoration specialists for your hair loss cure and alopecia treatment to get the best results.

Conclusively, modern science has advanced so much that you can leave these worries at bay. Identify your problem and be proactive about the solution. This will help you in controlling as well as reversing the bad effects. Keep your diet clean and your hopes strong. Add decisive actions to the plan and you will find your solution in no time.

However, if you need further help with your hair loss situation, feel free to reach out to us at Baruch Hair Transplant Centre.