FUE/ Surgery Process at Baruch Hair Loss Clinic

Steps to surgery.

  1. Consultation booked with Baruch Hair Loss Clinic.
  2. If ideal for surgery after microscopic scalp analysis follicle needs to produce a minimum of 2+ hairs, preferably 3+.
  3. Photos sent to doctors for them to peruse suitability and to draw predicted hair line on patients photo.
  4. Patient is then priced inclusive of 6 months LLLT with Baruch Hair Loss Clinic (aftercare time enhance new grafts.
  5. Doctor/surgeon will offer the patient a online consultation to discuss any issues, expectations logged and inputted into our medical software. Consent gained and 14 day cooling off period discussed.
  6. Patient chooses a 2 week window of convenience for them to have the procedure.
  7. All medical forms and information data sent to the patient for the doctor to peruse and monitor for any allergy’s.
  1. Doctor and 2-3 freelance technicians booked for the procedure.
  2. Procedure commences at 9am after technicians have setup OT, doctor preps anaesthesia, meets patient, gains consent again. All outcomes are discussed and agreed.
  3. Photographs taken for surgical purposes only unless patient allows photos to be used for marketing purposes.
  4. Doctor will draw a hairline on the patients scalp to mark where recipient hairs are to be placed and agrees with the patient. Any worries are are discussed regarding pain factors from the anaesthetic.
  5. Patients head is shaved (if chooses full head shave) technicians carry out this process.
  6. Patient is dressed in a surgical gown and lies on the theatre operating bed
  7. Doctor administers local anaesthetic to block the nerves on the back of the scalp.
  8. Grafts are extracted with a FUE punch and passed to technicians to separate the hairs in to singles, doubles and some treble grafts. Hairs to be kept at 0 degrees in solution. Patients head is bandaged to apply a pad to the back of the scalp and to protect puncture skin.
  9. 3 hours later patient is offered a sealed pasta/salad, fresh juice/water (patients choice to their dietary requirements.
  10. Procedure continues with incisions to the recipient area creating channels for the hairs to be placed. Technicians will place the hairs into the channels to complete the transplant.
  11. Post op the patient is given a aftercare plan and medications , anti-inflammatory meds, antibiotics, sterile saline solution, 24/7 contact post op, appointment made with Sean-Jordan Baruch 7 days post op to take photos, discuss the procedure and recovery. 25 minutes LLLT used to accelerate hair growth.
  12. Minoxidil/finasteride introduces 4 weeks post op.
  13. Checks by the surgeon if requested
  14. 14 months should produce good results.