At Baruch Hair Loss Clinic, we offer various types of hair loss solutions for our patients. As a leading hair loss clinic in the U.K, we are committed to offering only the best and custom hair loss solutions that enable us to provide the finest and most affordable treatment for all hair loss patients.

Hair Transplants (FUE)

Follicular unit extraction otherwise known as hair transplants is one of the primary techniques to obtain hair follicles for hair transplantation. In FUE, the surgeon extracts the follicular units directly from the scalp. Hair transplantation surgery might appear to be major surgery, but in reality, this procedure is a minimally invasive procedure which has fewer complications and pain complaints if done by some authentic and expert professional.

Hair transplants is often a  better option for the patients who want to restore their hair with less scarring as there are no visible scars after the transplant.  At Baruch Hair Loss Clinic, we have some of the best hair transplant surgeons and top-notch hair surgical procedure that has repeatedly produced great hair results for all our patients.

Non-surgical Hair Transplants (NSHT)

Non-surgical hair transplants is one of the most revolutionary and effective hair replacement system for adults and children, perfectly tailored to your particular needs. We offer our clients the most natural and comfortable hair system available in the world. Our system is the result of continuous development and improvement from our experienced team of researchers. 

The knots in our non surgical hair transplant system replicate the old hairs as if they were rooted in your own scalp. This makes it the best and most state-of-the-art hair replacement technology available so far. Our high-definition transitional density doesn’t stop at the hairline like in most systems but continues through all the system, allowing for an unbelievably natural hairstyle. Whether you suffer from male pattern baldness or any other condition responsible for pervasive hair loss, we will make sure that our system offers you a natural hair parting and even more natural scalp. 

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLT)

Low level laser therapy for hair growth is now recognised as a successful treatment for most forms of hair thinning in the United States and throughout Europe, including male and female pattern hair growth. By using low level laser therapy, it helps to work in enhancing fullness and the depth of hair alone. Repeat treatments are needed weekly for about 6 months, according to the extent of hair loss. You may usually even be given special hair care and hair re-development products in combination with all the laser treatment, for at home use, to get the best results possible.

Hair Volumiser

Our Volumiser system integrates with your existing hair, instantly returning full density to your entire scalp. Completely undetectable, The Baruch hair loss clinic Volumiser gives you the confidence to go out into the world and meet all of your life’s challenges without any worry. The Volumiser is easy to attach, easy to style, and as breathable as your own skin. It is never hot, always secure and reliable in any situation. Even showering, sleeping, and swimming won’t raise an issue.

Platelet- Rich Plasma (PRP)

Hair transplants are becoming common with each passing day, with PRP treatment receiving a lot of attention. PRP injections help in preventing hair loss and aiding in hair growth. With PRP, the patient donates their blood before the treatment, and the blood plasma with high levels of platelet is injected on the hair loss site. This works as a great way to encourage hair growth. At Baruch Hair Loss Clinic, we offer safe PRP services that provides long lasting results with minimum side effects.