Scalp Micropigmentation

Sooner or later, you will be part of the 65% of the men or 80% of the women who will suffer hair loss after the age of 60. Though study states that we humans have around 110,000 hair follicles and at some point, we begin experiencing thinning hair, receding hairline, and perhaps, complete baldness.

These are caused by many factors:

  • Hereditary – If it runs with the blood, you can never escape this.
  • Hormonal – Changes in the hormonal activities in the body can lead to baldness. This is more observed in women during pregnancy
  • Illness / Disease – Alopecia Areata, Thyroid issues, Malnutrition are some of the diseases related to baldness
  • Lifestyle-related – Stress is the most common cause
  • The adverse effect of a medication – The medication itself might not cause the baldness. It’s the effect of the medication on the hormones that promote hair growth. Cancer medication, anti-depressants, oral contraceptives, hypertension drugs are some of these medications that could have adverse effects.

Whatever factor you manifest, it is essential to address this, and scalp micropigmentation is one of the options to consider.

What is Micropigmentation?

Others call this hair tattooing. This is a non-surgical procedure where hair follicle shaped pigments are being applied to the scalp. The pigments applied have an appearance that is very similar to your hair.

How Is Micropigmentation Done?

It is crucial to know that you cannot just go to any random tattoo shop and ask for the procedure. Although, this is non-surgical but only experts or licensed professionals will be able to apply the treatment.

Nevertheless, this is just an out-patient procedure. The number of out-patient sessions depends on the condition of your scalp and the size of the scalp area to be pigmented. A session may last from 2-4 hours.

Step by Step Procedure of Scalp Micropigmentation

An interview with the patient is essential. The patient will be prepared physically, emotionally, and psychologically. These are important to ensure that the patient asking for the procedure is decided and ready for the procedure. During the interview, all the things that need to be understood of the procedure are explained. Not all may pass the initial interview. Sometimes, it takes some counseling or explanation before a patient is cleared to undergo the procedure.

  • The patient will be tested for allergic reactions. Since this is applying pigments, some patients may have allergic reactions. The treatment will not push through until it is addressed.
  • The licensed professional will then determine the pigment that will match the color of the patient.
  • During the treatment, the area that needs the treatment is labeled. This depends of course on the agreement with the patient. Some resort to partial treatment, some wants a full treatment. However, whether partial or full treatment, one treatment is not enough. It’s a series of sessions.
  • The licensed professional will begin “tattooing” or applying the pigments. Though this is non-surgical, there is still an application of a needle. There is a certain depth that the needle needs to penetrate in the scalp. This is not painful though so there’s nothing to worry.
  • After the treatment, there may be redness or minor swelling since a needled penetrated your scalp. Washing or shampooing must not be done right after or even a day after the treatment. The patient should wait for 5 days before a gentle soap can be applied.
  • After the series of sessions, a follow-up visit must be done to check the success of the treatment.
  • After a few months, the patient may opt to do a “retouch” of the treatment. This depends on the outcome of the check-up done.

Benefits of Micropigmenation

Since its discovery, a lot has testified of its good benefits over other hair treatment.

  • Long Term Effect

A set of treatment can last for years. Unlike certain hair solutions that have a tendency for the hair to fall out again. Micropigmentation is like a permanent tattoo. The pigment will stay and will not create a patch of hair loss to any part of your scalp.

  • Fast Recovery after a Treatment

This is just an out-patient treatment. No need for antibiotics and other medicines to buy after the treatment. During the session, you may just feel the sensation of a needle prick, after that, it’s gone. Topical anesthesia may also be applied depending on your reaction.

  • It will Save you from Other Expensive Hair Maintenance

The treatment is a one-time treatment. There’s no need to buy hair products to maintain the effectivity of the procedure.

  • It Provides a Realistic Look

The licensed professional who will do the procedure will find the perfect match for your hair color. After the treatment, there is no trace of a tattoo unless you tell it, or you let someone touch your head.

  • Fast and Simple Procedure

It’s just like a visit to your dentist or your doctor for consultation. There’s no need for a complex procedure. Also, even after the first session, there’s already a feeling of the realistic results.

  • Affordable

The treatment is affordable. Value for money is also achieved since it doesn’t require additional products and treatments after the scheduled sessions. Some hair loss treatments have hidden charges since they require additional procedures and expenses after the treatment.

Conclusively, if hair loss, thinning hair, or receding hairline is stressing you, then it’s high time for you to consider this procedure most especially, when you cannot grow your hair. So, don’t just accept the hard truth that baldness is part of you. There is a solution and at Baruch Hair Loss Clinic, we can help you with your scalp micropigmentation. We offer one of the best micropigmentation in the U.K.

So, feel free to reach out to us.

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