The 37-year-old Manchester United winger began hair replacement treatment at a studio in Manchester two years ago in an attempt to prevent himself going bald, it was claimed.In March Giggs reportedly even spent £14,000 on a Tricostym machine, which uses 20 lasers to massage the scalp and promote hair growth so that he could treat himself at home.

But there was speculation that the Welsh midfielder’s hair loss could be down to stress after a series of damaging allegations about his private life in recent weeks.

Giggs, who has two children with his wife, Stacey, was two weeks ago publicly named as the footballer with a super-injunction preventing the publication of details of an alleged affair with Imogen Thomas, the reality TV contestant.

He has since faced claims he had an eight-year relationship with his sister-in-law Natasha Giggs and had sex with a third unnamed woman.