thFor those of you who don’t know who Robbie Fowler is (either because you don’t watch football, or because you live on another planet), he is former professional football player, who has played for club giants Leeds United, and Manchester City, and Liverpool- who he scored a whopping 183 goals with.

Robbie Fowler recently said on TV that he has been experiencing hair loss. Indeed, it seems that not even premiership superstar footballer Robbie is immune from the hereditary curse. No need to worry Robbie, we would like to offer you some treatment!

Hair loss doesn’t have to be a disaster for you Robbie Fowler. The latest technology, combined with our loving care, will soon have you looking like you did back in your prime, when you were jumping about on the pitch.

We offer hair replacement, hair transplants, laser hair retention, and hair volumiser services, so you have plenty of options for dealing with hair loss.

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