Protein shakes are partly responsible for increase in baldness as they lead to the production of certain chemicals in the body, which causes or worsens hair loss, a new study has revealed. € WA’s only hair transplant surgeon Jennifer Martinick said that she was booked out for more than six months and performing more than 400 procedures annually – up about 30 per cent from a year ago. “Lots of young guys these days are very image conscious,” Perth Now quoted Dr Martinick as saying.

“They are 20 or 30-something, go to the gym, some even have Botox, take protein shakes to build up muscle but don’t realise it can contribute to baldness.

They have lots of disposable income so they come for treatment because they also want a full head of hair. “There is a growing feeling that people are getting balder earlier and it may be possibly because of diet.” “There are a lot of animal fats in the western diet and then guys go to the gym and take things like creatin, whey protein isolates and think they’re doing the right thing,” Dr Martinick added. The New Hair Clinic physician said that she recommended patients to stop consuming protein shakes to prevent further hair loss and was able to delay baldness in some cases with medication.