There has been a lot of talk about Prince William’s hair in recent months. A lot. We get the picture guys, his hair is thinning. It happens to about half of men over 50, and can occur at a much younger age too. Prince William is 32 years old, and is showing some signs of thinning.

Hair thinning and baldness can occur for many reasons. It could be the stress of the life of this active and philanthropic Royal, who would be enjoying a lavish lifestyle of riches, were it not for his commitment to doing something worthwhile? Or could it perhaps the cause of the Future King’s hair loss could be hereditary?

We believe it is very likely hereditary. Many of the male side of William’s family have also shown baldness from a relatively young age, and it seems the Royal family has a strong genetic disposition to the experience of hair thinning. While Prince William may in time by the heir to the thrown, it seems he is almost destined to lose his hair to the crown.

Male pattern balding is often passed down from generation to generation, and is though to be inherited from the mother’s side. The Royal Family’s baldness is so well known, that it has even been called the “curse of the Windsor’s.”

Royals to be affected by the curse include:

  • Prince Phillip, husband of the Queen, who started balding at age 28.
  • Prince Charles, son of Phillip, started to bald at the same age, 28, and is suspected to have had a hair transplant.
  • Prince Edward, brother of Prince Charles, who began balding at the age of 21.
  • Prince William, so of Prince Charles, now showing signs of balding, and thinning in his 20s.
  • Prince Harry..?

Some newspaper article coverage on Prince William’s dilemma, claim that it might be too late for his thinning hair, and that the thinning has gone too far. We beg to differ.

Being a leading practitioner of hair transplants, we have a little more to offer Prince William than ridicule, and pictures of what he may or may not look like by the time he is 50. We will not accept that it is too late for him to consider a hair transplant. In fact, we want to offer him one.

The Royals have long been associated with the making and wearing of wigs. This is thought to have all sorts of flamboyant meanings, but perhaps the true association comes from the need to dress their hereditary hair thinning. Of course, modern methods go far beyond wigs, and we can offer Prince William the latest in high-tech, non-surgical hair transplant, for a treatment that is naturally stunning.

Here at Baruch Hair Loss Clinic, we want to offer Prince William, right now, the opportunity to take advantage of our hair treatment program for free, worth over £10,000, and giving our heir, the hair that he deserves. We will give him a hair growth procedure, using the finest hair of his choosing, and fill it in with further appointments over a 2-year period, if he so requires.

This is a genuine offer Prince William, so please; do not hesitate to contact us!

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