stem-cell-picHair loss is a common problem by both men and women at the age of 35 and onwards. As expected all hair loss sufferers are having problem on their emotional well-being and self-image as their hair loss issues became critical. However, with the discovery of stem cells, this newly found possible cure to hair loss brings hope to many people.

Stem cells are human cells being converted into iPSCs or induced pluripotent stem cells by adding three genes. The iPSCs are capable of changing into any cell types in the human body. Once these iPSCs are converted into epithelial stem cells, it becomes favorable for human hair growth. Some studies show that using stem cells help hair follicles to re-grow and can be used to combat baldness.

All human have stem cells on their hair’s follicle, but as people age these follicles can no longer undergo on their normal hair regeneration process. By stem cells injection into the pores of the scalp, researchers have found that they can obtain the skin’s fat layer to transmit molecular signals to the follicle cells resulting to new hair growth. Indeed, stem cells as hair treatment for hair loss hold many benefits. The power of stem cells has been recognized by many experts to activate dead hair follicles and turn them again into healthy hair follicles.

What could be the possible benefits of using stem cells as hair loss treatment?

The use of stem cell is one of the most comfortable and natural hair treatment methods available in the world today. It is widely use by medical experts around the globe to treat many kinds of health conditions such cancer and hair loss. Unlike other form of hair treatment, stem cell injection on the scalp is only done once. Stem cells are 100% natural products, patient are also 100% safe to undergo this kind of hair treatment procedure. Normally, stem cells take effect with 3-4 weeks of treatment in which the patient can observe new hair growth and increase in hair density for about 30-40%. On the average, patients are required to undergo 5-6 sessions in a week up to maximum of 10 days with supplements to be taken every day.

How to find for possible cure to your hair loss problem?

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