Non-Surgical Hair Solution

Baruch Non-surgical hair transplants (NSHT) and hair systems.

All systems on offer at Baruch Hair Loss will restore your crowning glory, whether male, female, young person or transgender. Systems are custom made to your head shape, hairline, required colour, density and curl pattern.

A customised hair system made specifically to each head shape covers the crown and recession (ideal for men who do not have enough hair for a hair transplant) and gives a realistic and natural hairline. This system can be attached in several ways to fit it with a client’s lifestyle and budget.

French/Swiss lace Full head system (very breathable)

The full system is where all hair is individually ventilated into French or Swiss lace to create a complete but realistic-looking non-surgical graft. Fantastic for full head coverage worn by many celebrities such as Beyonce, and Tyra Banks and many others. This system is perfect if the clientele has no hair at all, it can also be worn by those with very little or partial hair. The hair will appear as growing out of your scalp and can be worn in a pony tail.

Frontal Integration

This system is prevalent and used in most hair loss clinics. This system is excellent for clients who suffer from Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania etc. This system uses a fine medical-grade mesh integrated with the clientele’s hair, so it is customised to their head shape, and then the hair is attached to cover the area of hair loss. The system can be shampooed and treated just like your own hair.

Female Integration Topper

A full custom made hair replacement system for clientele who have permanently lost their hair from a medical condition such as cancer. A custom mould will be designed to your exact head measurements. The system will be made to your requirements and choice of base, whether that is lace or liquid skin. You can choose your colour, density, style and length. These systems are made with human/synthetic hair for longevity and lasting quality; they can be and styled as you wish.