“A bad hair day is a bad day”! Truer words have never been spoken. Our hair and how we feel about it is a part of our personality. We express ourselves by the style, color and cut of our hair. And then there is the dreaded BALDNESS! Every one’s greatest fear is that they will lose some if not all of their hair. Men, especially, have this fear.

Beauty and hair care companies have jumped on the band wagon to keep the fear of hair loss front and center. Even the pharmaceutical companies are bringing you products that will “prevent baldness”. WRONG!

The only possible ways to treat baldness is by having a hair transplant or laser treatment from a well known and reputed place like Baruch Hair Loss Clinic

There are many myths about hair loss and one of them is there are new drugs and creams on the market that will prevent baldness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your head has a certain number of hair follicles (heredity) and there is no drug or cream that can create more. You have what you were intended to have!

Many myths are conjured at your local salon. Don’t use this product, use this one as it will replenish your damaged hair, NOT, it is not the use of product but rather the over use of mechanical utilization that can be problematic. But it still causes damage not baldness.

Have you been out with your girlfriends and judged a man by his hair. Have you heard “the size of a man’s hands or feet…”? Just as that is not true, the fact that men who are bald have increased levels of testosterone, if that were the case all the hair on a man’s body would disappear!

Men, have you been out with your buddies on the “prowl”? You might want to consider this: Sexual activity does not make your hair grow. Think of it this way does sex make you thinner – no concrete medical proof that either are true.

These are the craziest ones:

  1. Fright makes your hair fallout
  2. You lose hair by thinking too much!

If the second were true every child in school would be bald by the third grade! The brain does not overheat and cause baldness as you think no more than it would cause an egg to fry on your head while thinking.

Number one is just plain silly, fright causes your hair to fall out! Can’t you just imagine how many bald people would be coming out of haunted houses and scary amusement park rides?!? If that were the case product manufacturers would be greeting you at the end of your ride!