As you might already be aware of, hair loss is an enormous social stigma that negatively affects the personality of people, especially young teenagers. Due to hair loss, the youth tends to think of themselves as less in the social circle/ladder of their teenage and as a reult, some teenagers tend to become a prey to depression or negativities. Hence, Senior Consultant Sean Baruch from the Baruch Hair Loss Clinic is concerned about the fact that almost 4% of the youth visiting our clinic were struggling from one of the many types of hair loss problems such as bald spots, thinning hair and intense loss of hair amongst many others. Alopecia or in layman terms, hair loss in yourselves or your precious children should never be ignored and hence is a delicate matter that requires careful attention and professional treatment in order to be solved. The hair loss of the youth or children in the United Kingdom can be restored but it is essential that one enriches themselves of the knowledge related to the root causes of Alopecia (hair loss) and eradicate them permanently in order for the youth to feel a sense of achievement or accomplishment in becoming complete again.