For Large Thinning Scalp Areas, But Not Enough For A Hair System

Are you experiencing thinning hair over a large part of your scalp? Our Volumiser system integrates with your existing hair, instantly returning full density to your entire scalp. Completely undetectable, The BHLC Volumiser gives you the confidence to go out into the world and meet all of your life’s challenges without any worry. The Volumiser is easy to attach, easy to style, and as breathable as your own skin. It is never hot, always secure and reliable in any situation. Even showering, sleeping, and swimming won’t raise an issue.

Made For You

Like all of our products, the Volumiser is customised to your exact specifications (style, length, colour, curl, fit), and always uses the most premium hair on the market. BHLC’s innovation has created a unique (and very simple) method. For specialised hair replacement involving difficult thinning/hair loss areas, our Volumiser is an excellent way to solve the problem. You will find it deals with hair loss permanently, easily, and brings the total peace of mind that no one will detect your transformation.

How Does It Work?

The Volumiser treatment is created through combining a fine material lace and human hair with a complex addition method, making it a great solution to female hair loss. T he system is completely bespoke to the individual as this is our unique service. The Volumiser treatment integrates with your existing hair- there is no need to cut or shave your own hair as with other methods. This allows you to wash, brush and enjoy a completely natural head of hair.