Baruch Hair Loss Clinic LTD PRIVACY POLICY


Baruch Hair Loss Clinic LTD is hair transplant clinic/platform for all the people who are concerned about their hair fall and seeking hair replacement options. We are a Yorkshire, UK based that delivers promising hair replacement in-house services along with other prominent services such as non-surgical hair transplant, laser hair retention and hair volumiser.

Thank you for visiting our website. It is important for you to review and agree with our privacy policy before you accept to share the information required. In order to understand how your information will be extracted, stored and shared, we have created our privacy policy to be concise, intelligible, transparent and easily accessible by the users. Our privacy policy is legally structured in compliance with the new European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensuring that the data protection process is more secure and unfailing for the users from EU.

Please note that we do not consider taking general consent enough, thus we would like you to give you explicit concern while agreeing to any of the services, information and processing that we provider or perform. We respect the privacy of our website users and thus ensure to protect the personal data of the users by all possible means.


Personal Data
Any information related to a natural person or ‘Data Subject’ that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the person.

Data Subject
A natural person whose personal data is processed by a Data Controller.

Data Controller
The entity that determines the purposes, conditions and means of the processing of personal data.

Any freely given, specific, informed and explicit consent by statement or action signifying agreement to the processing of the personal data by the user “Data Subject”.

Any operation performed on personal data, whether or not by automated means, including collection, use, recording, etc.


There are two types of information that we collect from you. One is done manually and the other one is done on automatic basis. The data we collect manually are:
• Name
• Email Address
• Contact Number (telephone and mobile number)
• Message
Please note that we do not ask you to share this information with us for personal gains. Users share this information with us through contact form, we only receive this data from the users. Users are requested to give consent in their messages sent through content form to allow us to use their name and email address to respond them.
Information that is collected on an automated basis are:
• IP Address
• Browser Type
• Session period (time the user was on this site)
• Search history
Please note that this information is collected automatically and we do not collect it to misuse it or contact the user directly with his or her consent.

The personal information of the users will be processed as per company’s standard procedures while keeping the privacy and secrecy of individual’s data and not disclosing or misusing it. The information received through contact forms, emails, or phone calls are used to provide professional reading services to the users.
We only use this information to process the orders of the users. For-example, if someone wants to book an appointment for his or her hair fall treatment we will use their name and email for appointment purposes and to brief the users in future for follow-ups if and when required. Users will have the option to withdraw consent after receiving our services and opt not to receive any follow-up calls or emails. However, once they withdraw we will not be able to provide any information or services to the users/clients.
Also, if the users decide to sign-up for a free e-book he or she would have to submit name and email address to receive it. Baruch Hair Loss Clinic ltd will only process this information to send you the free e-book.

Monitoring of user activity – The response of users (customers) are also processed with a purpose to monitor overall engagement of the user on this site and report if something unusual happens. In most cases, spam users allocate bots to configure encrypted data from the site, to stop such activities that may harm the site of data of other users, a continuous evaluation of automatic data (such as IP Address and search history) is monitored.  It helps us identify whether the user is a natural person or an unidentified spammer or fake bot.

Appointments – We also process your personal information to process your appointments seamlessly and to notify you about the status of your appointments with the doctor.
Consumer Engagement – We might also send you promotional emails, such as discount codes and vouchers on our different hair related services to maintain a healthy customer-client engagement. Users will have the option to opt-out from receiving any such emails from us by simply clicking the unsubscribe button at the end of any email sent by us.

Retention period refers to the time period for which we keep your data stored on your servers or computers. Baruch Hair Loss Clinic ltd removes all the data of users “data subject” after a period of 5 years with a condition – inactiveness from the user or request from the user/client to remove the data.
Furthermore, if you (user) wants us to remove their data from our website and servers because they do not wish to use our services anymore they can always contact us with their concerns at 0113 2553014 and we will make sure to take care of any query or concern requested by the user.

Baruch Hair Loss Clinic Ltd uses Facebook to promote its services. We reserve the right to share information about our services on social media platforms without disclosing any personal information of any client. For-example, a feedback or review or new service etc.

You must be 18 years or above to avail the services from this website. You can only use our website if you are above the required age or under the surveillance of a Parent or Guardian. We do not collect any personally identified information from minors and in the event if we accidently do so we immediately delete it from our servers and systems.

We have not faced any data breach on our website ever. However we will report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database to all the relevant individuals and authorities within the prescribed time period 72, only if it is obvious that personal information or data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen or breached.

If you choose to use Worldpay to finalize and pay for your appointment or hair treatment service, you will provide your credit card number, directly to Worldpay servers. Worldpay privacy policy will apply to the information you provide on the Worldpay website. As per our knowledge, Worldpay has become GDPR compliant and the data processing from their end remains more confidential regarding your personal and/or card details.

Baruch Hair Loss Clinic Ltd does not share your personal information with any third-party. We respect the privacy of our clients and thus ensure to maintain the confidentiality of personal information.
We do not sell, share, modify, amend or distribute your personal information to any Third-party. We are obliged to maintain professional and ethical secrecy of our customers.

Email preferences – We respect the privacy and personal choices of our users. As an individual user, you can always opt-out or unsubscribe any time if you do not want to receive any promotional emails. We try to cater the unsubscribe requests of our users in a timely and prompt manner. You can always click on the “unsubscribe link” in any of our emails to not receive any further emails in future.
Right to Erasure – Users have the right to contact us if they want us to delete their information from our servers. If you are not comfortable about your data being stored with us, you can always send us a request to remove your personal information and we will erase it from our servers. Furthermore, you will not be able to sign-in or continue with using our services or products.
Right to be informed – user’s right to know how we process your information/data
Right to access – user’s right to ask us of what information we hold about you on our systems
Right to data portability – user’s right to receive the personal data which you have shared with us, in a structured and machine-readable format to transfer to another data controller with your own consent and/or under any binding contract.

GDPR protects the rights of users and makes it mandatory for the businesses to ensure that no data breach occurs. We make sure to cover all areas of security to ensure consistent protection of user’s data. We support the GDPR regulation and are proactive in processing any requests received on our systems by users for data protection.

We are here to guide and assist our users, if you have any concerns or questions then please feel free to contact us at:
Baruch Hair Loss Clinic Ltd
Located at ABS House
Viaduct Street, Pudsey Leeds, LS28 6AU
0113 2553014