FUT Hair Transplant

FUT is known as follicular unit transplantation. FUT is the hair restoration technique in which the surgeon removes the strip from the donor’s skin. The strip is removed to extract the follicular units. These follicular units are transferred to the hair loss area, and the surgeon can transplant many grafts in one session. This technique is considered safe.

Benefits of FUT hair transplant

There are different benefits of hair transplant; some of them are given below:

  • Transplantation of a large number of follicles

In FUT, large numbers of follicular units can be transplanted in a single session. Almost 4000 follicular units are transplanted. It is best for those patients who need transplantation of large quantity follicular units.

  • Time-saving

It’s a time-saving hair transplant technique. The patients who don’t want to commit to several sessions can choose FUT for the hair transplant.

  • Age

FUT is performed on people having age more than 25.less hair loss patterns are predictable in the people of age less than 25.

  • Success rate

The success rate of FUT is 90%, and the chances of failure are nearly zero.

  • Simple procedure

The procedure of this technique is simple, as well as less complicated.

  • Affordable

FUT is an affordable and widespread technique for hair transplants.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is the abbreviation of Follicular unit extraction. It is one of the primary techniques to obtain hair follicles for hair transplantation. In FUE, the surgeon extracts the follicular units directly from the scalp.

Benefits of FUE

There are several benefits of FUE that are mentioned below:

  • Less scarring

It is the better option for the patients who want to restore their hair with less scarring. There are no visible scars, and even the patient has short hair. There is less pain after surgery in FUE.

  • Healing time

Healing time for follicular unit extraction is short. It heals quickly due to the high supply of blood to the head.

  • Hair density

FUE is best for patients having lower hair density. Hair from other body parts can also be used in FUE.

Which one is better FUE or FUT?

Both techniques have the right procedure. Some factors that should be analyzed before choosing the FUT or FUE for your hair transplant are :

  • FUE is better for males as they have less hair density, while FUT is better for women because they have longer hair
  • According to several studies, it is revealed that the survival rate of follicular units in the FUT is 85%, while the survival rate of follicular units in FUE is 64% after 14 months period
  • The success rate in FUT is 90 %, while in FUE, the success rate is 60%.
  • There are no chances of failure in FUT


If you are scared of much pain during FUT and don’t want scars on your head after surgery, you may opt for FUE. But if you wish to natural hair and successful surgery for longer hair, then FUT will be the best for you. You must consult your doctor before surgery to get help in opting for the best technique to resolve your baldness issue.