The Stars are Bald: Hair Loss in Hollywood

Some of Hollywood’s finest shining stars have dealt with hair loss by picking up a pair of clippers and shaving their heads down to a smooth, shiny surface. Bruce Willis, Damon Wayons, and Patrick Stewart come to mind. Others have lopped their locks for a movie role, to make a statement, or simply to be…

February 11, 2012
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Nutrition and Hair Loss

It is well known that nutrition has a profound impact on health. What we eat can cause us to gain or lose weight, have allergic reactions, or even experience exhaustion or high levels of energy. It stands to reason that nutrition would also impact hair growth and hair loss. There may not be a magical…

February 10, 2012
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Protein Shakes ‘Partly to Blame for Baldness’

Protein shakes are partly responsible for increase in baldness as they lead to the production of certain chemicals in the body, which causes or worsens hair loss, a new study has revealed. € WA’s only hair transplant surgeon Jennifer Martinick said that she was booked out for more than six months and performing more than 400…

December 3, 2011
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More Young People Losing Hair

Stress at school and home could be to blame for a growing number of young people seeking help for hair loss. One clinic which treats baldness says it’s seeing up to 15 under-21s every month, three times the number looking for help since 2007. Amina Denidni is 16 and her hair started to fall out…

November 21, 2011
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Leeds Celebrity Undertakes Programme

One of Yorkshire’s very own local celebrities has undergone hair replacement treatment this week at The Leeds Hair Replacement Clinic in Pudsey, in a bid to dissolve the stigma surrounding male hair loss after the topic being much debated in the press recently. Leeds based DJ, Jason Griffiths (aka JK of Radio & TV double…

November 18, 2011
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