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Benefits of Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a meditational supplement sourced from the fruit of the Serenoa Repens tree. This Palm type is native to the South Eastern United States. The berry part of this plant is commonly used as a supplement to balance hormone levels, improve prostate health, and avoid hair loss in men. It is also linked with some other health-related benefits such as improved urinary function and reduced inflammation.

It has recently been used as a boost for hair growth. Many beauty companies are adding this miracle ingredient in their powders, supplements, and shampoos. 

The berries of Saw Palmetto are called DHT or dihydrotestosterone balancer. It affects enzymes in the body responsible for converting testosterone into DHT (a hormone responsible for female and male-patterned hair thinning). With its other benefits on the enzyme, saw palmetto impacts androgen receptors, so they are less sensitive to DHT hormone. The recommended dose is 1500mg once per day.

Benefits of Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

There are several treatments for hair loss available in the market. In the past few years, hair extensions and hairpieces have gained much popularity. Oral drugs and topical applications have become some of the most famous ways people treat their thin hair. Saw Palmetto is often used as an alternative therapy to reduce hair loss. It helps with common underlying causes of hair loss such as hormonal changes, medical conditions, effects of blood thinners, and stimulants. 

  • It often balances hormonal levels and combats extreme hair loss. 
  • It also blocks the working of five-alpha reductase, an enzyme that transforms testosterone into DHT, a hormone linked with hair loss. 
  • This component also helps reduce hair loss by decreasing the uptake of DHT within your hair follicles. Doing so reduces its capacity to bind to certain hormone receptors. 
  • In different studies, Saw Palmetto has shown to be functional at improving hair growth and male pattern baldness in individuals between 25 and 60. 
  • Many research types show that topical application of Saw Palmetto also increases hair density by as much as 35%. 

Who Can Use Saw Palmetto?

Though most of the studies related to Saw Palmetto have been performed on men, the working mechanism of Saw Palmetto is the same for both males and females because it targets the androgen hormone responsible for hair thinning. People who are allergic to different active or inactive components in other formulations in the market can also use Saw Palmetto regularly. 

Many shampoos and topical applications are available out there. Still, they are not as effective as reducing hair loss as ingesting an oral medicine would. Due to this reason, Saw Palmetto is often considered more effective in the form of a supplement. Most topical applications and shampoos don’t stay on the scalp for too long to have the maximum effect. A supplement gets fully absorbed in the body and gives major results in no time. 


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