After more than 18 years in practice and having treated over 15,000 patients, we are uniquely familiar with how hair loss and scalp health concerns negatively impact your quality of life, and especially when someone makes light of your hair loss concern. 

We also know how stress and anxiety can affect your hair and scalp’s health, and we also appreciate the powerful psychological boost that successful hair restoration treatment brings. As we re-open the Baruch Hair Loss Clinic, it is crucial for us to ensure our clients’ safety and curb the spread of the coronavirus. To successfully ensure that we keep our clients and staff safe, Baruch Hair Loss Clinic adheres to all COVID-19 protection rules at our facilities. 

Our COVID-19 Safety Measures Include 

  1. Using medical PPE as recommended via government guidelines
  2. Asking all our patients regarding their COVID-19 history and potential COVID-19 contact
  3. Training all our staff on all the COVID-19 safety measures
  4. Adhering to social distancing guidelines in the clinic
  5. Providing all patients with detailed protocols on handwashing, usage of face masks, gowns and gloves
  6. Disinfecting and sterilising the entire clinic
  7. Careful disposal of any contaminated materials using medical waste disposal methods
  8. Monitoring regular health histories and taking daily temperature checks of all staff and patients
  9. Regular cleaning of common areas such as the lobby, waiting room, and restrooms.
  10. Special cleaning attention is given to frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, and arm rails.

Please know that following these guidelines is essential for us; hence, we ask for utmost cooperation from our clients to ensure the best and safest outcome for all our team, patients, and the greater community as we work through these challenges together. 

Stay Healthy, 

Sean-Jordan Baruch, and the Entire Baruch Team at Baruch Hair Loss Clinic