A renowned hair transplant technician from the Leeds-based Baruch Hair Loss Clinic, recently warned men about a link between their hair loss and degrading mental health. Managing director, Sean-Jordan Baruch states that his team of consultants have noted seeing a substantial rise in patients who feel that their hair loss is having detrimental effects on their mental health. 

Patients at Mr. Baruch’s Leeds clinic have suffered from extreme reclusiveness and a fear of interacting with other individuals. Many others have also been suffering from body dysmorphic disorder and suicidal tendencies. While this may come as a shocking revelation, the truth is that by now it should be a well-known fact. A study in Europe identified that nearly 12 percent of males between the ages of 18 to 40 suffer from hair loss. A significant portion of these men also have had persistent mental health issues. 

In regards to the link between hair loss and mental health, Mr. Baruch states: “This is a worrying trend, and I fear that it is becoming more prevalent after going under the radar for many years. Many men seem to have just been suffering in silence. In the human body, hair is one of the most attractive parts. The decline in the number of hairs, thinning hair and even baldness in later stages can directly affect mental health and perception.”

He further adds:“People feel attracted to things which they can see through their own eyes. When men experiencing hair loss look into the mirror, they notice physically less hair on temple areas, the decline in the number of hairs at the crown of the head and the large area of scalp peeking through the hair, which adds to their inappropriate physical appearance of the hair.”

Sean-Jordan has been utilizing the latest technology to provide non-surgical treatments which may stimulate natural hair growth in men. In 2017, his team performed a pioneering Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplant on international super league rugby star Luke Gale, who grew a natural head of hair within 6 months.

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