If your child is less than 26 months old or is a teething toddler and seems to be suffering from bald patches, don’t take it as part of his developmental phase. Consult the Baruch Hair Loss Clinic immediately, for your little one may be suffering from an uncommon medical condition called ‘Alopecia Areata’. Alopecia, a condition of hair loss among kids could take a traumatic turn if left untreated or ignored by the parents. Today, this state of hairlessness is on the rise in UK with every one out of fifty children reported to be suffering from it. However, today, this condition is well-treatable with the un-relenting efforts of a medical care centre the Baruch Hair Loss Clinic. Typically, in this condition, a child may start experiencing un-precedented hair loss accompanied by formation of bald patches and hair thinning. Although, adults are not spared from this disease, as per the general observation, children below the age of 20 are most likely to show its signs. Going by the experts, Alopecia is basically an autoimmune disease and is likely to pass on to the offspring through genetic inheritance. It is a rarity that the sufferers of this condition experience natural growth of hair after a year, in major conditions, people in UK essentially undergo low level hair therapy as part of their treatment for hair re-growth. Advanced and well-equipped clinics like the Baruch Hair Loss Clinic make a skilful use of this therapy to help people re-gain their hair and enhance their personality. The professional and well-qualified staff and Consultants of this clinic make this process effortless and successful for the patients. Other than using convenient laser machines the Baruch Hair Loss Clinic essentially makes use of effective Ludwig conditioners, as part of the treatment for triggering hair growth. The Ludwig conditioners that are used replenish the lost oils and nutrients that stimulate the development of hair follicles. Regular use of the dedicated Ludwig conditioners on the affected areas of the scalp multiplies the speed of hair growth and augments the quality of the new hair follicle. That goes without saying that the new hair strands look smoother, shinier and more beautiful! In case of extreme hair loss, or for beauty purposes, highly sophisticated treatments like micro-pigmentation tattooing are opted. This treatment does wonders to fight problems like less hair on the eyebrows, incorrect lip line, dark areola, inverted nipples and more. The process essentially makes use of medicated needles that are penetrated into the affected areas for filling them up with a permanent tattoo. Although, the treatment is today very common, it is imperative that the same must be carried out by a practicing medical professional. Mastering over this trend, the Baruch Hair Loss Clinic, offers this treatment from its professional medical experts who are well expertise to make the tattooing process least painful and 100 per cent safe. Hair loss is one of the most perturbing yet most ignored problems of all. Not many of us are aware of its root causes and hence tend to ignore this seemingly minute problem which could literally take a toll on our personality, if left unattended. Apart from psychological set-backs like extreme embarrassment and anxiety, hair loss could well be a wake-up call to get your body tested for dormant diseases like cancer, thyroid and diabetes which could be life-threatening if consistently ignored. Therefore, if you too are experiencing problems of hair loss, get yourself checked now!