At Baruch Hair Loss Clinic, we are on a mission to help various hair loss patients regain their hair and identity while paying conveniently.

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About us

Baruch hair loss clinic is an advanced hair transplant and replacement centre located in Leeds and London, United Kingdom. As a leading hair loss clinic in the U.K, we are committed to offering only the best hair loss solutions that enable us to provide the finest and most affordable treatment for all hair loss patients.

At our clinics, we have highly experienced and registered medical professionals. Our medical professionals are not only GMC registered, but they also have many years of experience in the hair loss field. Therefore, you do not have to worry as you are in safe hands.

At BHLC, you can never go bald again!


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Why Choose Us

After years of helping thousands of hair loss patients regain their hair, confidence, and youthful look, we can boldly state that no one deserves to suffer from hair loss.

This is why Baruch Hair Loss Clinic is currently giving all hair loss patients the chance to get a life-changing hair transplant at our state-of-the-art clinic while you pay later!

We are confident in our results, and that is why our Pay As You Grow™ and Pay l8r payment plans have been designed for you to pay conveniently while regaining your confidence and hair.

We’re proud to state that we have helped various hair loss patients including celebrities such as Rugby Players- Luke Gale, Danny Richardson, Dominic Speakman; English Footballer- Chris Dagnall, British Singer & The VOICE Star – Faheem Ashraf, English Model- Adam Ullah and a whole lot more.

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